About us

„AQUASTAR-SYS" OOD was founded in 2008. The company activity is focused in the following directions:

  • Delivery of metering devices for measuring of: water, thermal energy, fuels and oils, industrial fluids
  • Marine solutions according to the fuel consumption
  • System solutions for remote reading of water, thermal energy, gas and electricity, fuels and oils, industrial fluids
  • Energy efficiency assessments
  • Optimization of the technical processes, starting and exploitation of W&S networks and systems, treatment plants and equipments
  • Energy efficiency of water supply, sewerage and treatment equipments
  • Exploitation of waste water treatment plants
  • Electricity supply, electrical equipment and automation of water supply and sewerage networks and systems
  • Research, design and consulting activities related to Electrical Power Engineering
  • Commissioning works
  • Heat engineering - energy loss

Our partners:

Aquametro                      EWT                      Belassitsa

Aquametro AG                                    ELIN Wasserwerkstechnik              Belassitsa S.A.
                                                                Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Ringstrasse 75                                   Hainburger Straße 33                          Mesta Str. 22
CH-4106 Therwil                                A-1030 Wien                                          2825 Petrich
Switzerland                                          Austria                                                     Bulgaria


residential district "Vasil Levski",
bl. 2, entr. A, fl. 6, ap. 16

tel.  +359 888 260 000
        +359 885 261 965

e-mail: info@aquastar-sys.com