Water meters for domestic needs - BSJ 2,5, BSJ 4

Designed for domestic consumption of hot and cold water. The water meters are designed to be installed on a horizontal or a vertical branch of the mains.


  • Single-jet with dry roller counter
  • Approval: European directive 2004/22 ЕС-MID
  • According to OIML R 49,  EN 14154 -1,2,3
  • Airtghtrecording mechanism
  • Repairable open recording mechanism
  • Transparent sealing flange providing protection against unauthorized tempering

Benefits for you

  • Easy and unmistakable reading of the recordings
  • Dry roller mechanism, completely isolated from the water
  • Possibility to turn the security cover into any position for easy reading
  • All materials used are corrosion-resistant and have a long operational lifetime
  • Full exchangeability of all parts, easy repairs and calibration



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